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5 Qs With Geekdom’s Lorenzo Gomez

Sara Inés Calderón | April 22, 2014

Más Wired had a chance to catch a few minutes of Lorenzo Gomez’s time recently. As the Director of San Antonio’s Geekdom and Executive Director of The 80/20 Foundation — … more

taco journalism Media

How tacos can power the Internet

Mando Rayo started blogging about tacos, and eventually, wrote a book about tacos in Austin. He says technology powered his taco career and he's hoping the future includes a taco documentary — or even an app.

infographic_featurd_image-2 Business

Infographic: smartphone use by race

U.S. Census Bureau data illustrates smartphone and Internet usage trends for Latinos lag behind other groups.

diy girls Essays

6 reasons to donate to DIY Girls

DIY Girls is a non-profit aiming to help young Latinas become fascinated with engineering at an early age and encourage them to pursue careers in STEM.

twitter politics Politics

Can tweets predict election outcomes?

Twitter may influence politics. It turns out that any publicity is good publicity — especially if you're a candidate running for public office.

lorenzo gomez geekdom Tech

5 Qs With Geekdom’s Lorenzo Gomez

Latinos statistically speaking are one of the most entrepreneurial groups in the country, and Lorenzo Gomez of San Antonio’s Geekdom and 80/20 Foundation says that with a bit of determination, they can have a huge impact.

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