Comenta TV bridges gap between TV and social media

The Argentine startup is using social media to help audiences engage, producers make better content and brands to connect better with customers.

Sara Inés Calderón | March 8, 2013 | 2:26 pm

Austin, Texas — Comenta TV is a startup from Argentina that is working to streamline the full circle between people who watch content on TV while tweeting about it, the networks who create the content and the brands who sponsor that content.

Essentially Comenta TV aggregates social media feeds around a particular show, such as “The Voice” in Argentina, and places them on a web or mobile app. Viewers can then engage with this content more fully, producers can get an insight into how their content is being consumed in real time, and brands and better identify which segments of an audience are actual or potential customers.

Comenta TV is based in Argentina, but also operates in Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Chile. We spoke to CEO Juan Melano who hopes to eventually expand to Mexico, and then, the U.S. to target the Latino market.

“The ultimate goal is to get into the U.S. Hispanics, too, because it’s a huge market and nobody is really giving this audience what they want and the way they want it in their language,” he said.

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