Republish Our Content

Feel free to republish content from Más Wired so long as you stick to the following guidelines:

Give us credit. If you’re a website, give a link back to the original article on and include a credit, preferably in the byline like this “Author, Mas Wired.” You can’t republish content automatically.

No significant changes. You can tweak stuff to reflect changes in time (e.g., changing “today” to “last week”) and location to suit your needs. You can’t edit the piece more than that or use it to create derivative works. If you’re unsure whether your edits violate this policy, please email us at We’d be happy to work with you.

No commercial uses. You can use our content on your site even if it has ads, but you can’t sell our content separately or have a site that’s mostly just stuff taken from Más Wired.

More information and legalese available here. Questions? Contact us to discuss potential content sharing agreements.

Feel free to republish our content, provided you follow these guidelines.