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LA Startup The DIME is the Video Version of Craigslist

What if you could make your own commercial for the stuff you wanted to sell online? The DIME is an app created by Latinos that… more

The ACLU releases SB 1070 smartphone app

Apparently, there really is an app for everything. Working with OpenWatch Corporation, the ACLU has recently updated a bilingual app called “ACLU-AZ STOP SB 1070”,… more

Black Friday, holiday shopping via mobile with Best Decision commerce app

Couch shopping just got a lot easier, according to Lorena Chatterjee, co-founder of Leap Commerce, a startup offering a shopping app called Best Decision. It’s… more

KokoChé, a deal site for small businesses

Everywhere you look there are deal websites popping up, but one new company is angling for something all together different: the cash economy. KokoChé is… more

Retio: a free app fights drug trafficking in Mexico

By Silvia Vinas, Global Voices Diverse initiatives have arisen in Mexico that use citizen participation to report on the violence caused by drug trafficking, from… more

CA official policing mobile privacy

California Attorney General Kamala Harris sent out notices to 100 mobile apps without a conspicuous privacy policy on their websites to do so or face… more

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