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Twitter, an integral tool to Brazil protests

Twitter has become a global protest staple. Along with the spread of Guy Fawkes masks, the service has become an all too common feature in… more

Do video games promote racism? A look at “World of Tanks”

Games are notorious for breeding racism. Not so much through in-game content, but through the charming player base. This is commonly looked down upon by… more

10 up-and-coming Latin American startups

The Next Web had a really interesting list of top Latin American startups to watch in 2013. They created the list not based on monetary… more

Brazilians among most active Facebookers

Brazil topped the list of active countries on Facebook in a recent report from SocialBakers. The U.S., Spain, Colombia and Mexico also made the top… more

Free speech, YouTube clash in Brazil

By Johanna Mendelson Forman Google’s Chief Executive in Brazil, Fabio Jose Silva Coehlo, was arrested for refusing to remove a YouTube video that allegedly defamed… more

Mobile app Voxy helps Latinos learn English

We speak to Paul Gollash, CEO and founder of Voxy, about the app that helps Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese speakers learn English.

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