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BridgeUS: access affordable immigration lawyers online

What do DREAMers and other immigrants need the most when it comes to pursuing legal status? How about a one stop destination? In 2012, Más… more

Nowistar opens services to the sharing economy

Finding a local place that provides specific services can be a chore. You can try browsing the classified ads of a newspaper, or search Craigslist.… more

HUB101: startup accelerator for diversity

A new startup accelerator in the Los Angeles metropolitan area is looking for creative people who aren’t “fresh out of college and eating ramen”. HUB101… more

Eva Longoria advocates for Latino biz owners

Eva Longoria is not a name people associate with small business. The fiery Latina role she played on “Desperate Housewives” comes to mind for many,… more

NuevoWorld is a social network just for Latinos

Sofia Vergara isn’t necessarily a name commonly associated with technology, but last week she, along with her business partner Luis Balaguer launched NuevoWorld: a social… more

Top tech trends of 2012 & what’s hot in 2013

The Washington Post recently profiled the top tech trends of 2012. The list read as you would expect, focusing on big data, wireless devices and… more

Google helping Latino businesses sell online

Google is working to expand the number of Latino-owned businesses using their products to sell their products and services online, according to a report from… more

What’s the role of immigrant entrepreneurs?

The Kauffman Foundation has released a new publication focusing on immigrant entrepreneurs in the United States. This study shows an interesting array of figures, which… more

KokoChé, a deal site for small businesses

Everywhere you look there are deal websites popping up, but one new company is angling for something all together different: the cash economy. KokoChé is… more

Pandora cashing in on Latino listeners

Pandora, the online music streaming service, keeps track of the number of Latinos who are using the platform, and as a result, the company is… more

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