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Interesante helps you discover more about your interests

Imagine arriving at your hotel in Cancún, México, logging on to their Wi-Fi and immediately having the hotel’s landing page pop up with personalized recommendations… more

Latino broadband access limited in CA

A Public Policy Institute of California report examining the use of Internet tech by Californians includes some interesting data on Internet access among minorities, including… more

In CA, TX, immigration reform & tech both benefit Latinos

Immigration and tech may not seem to be intricately linked on the surface, but the current immigration reform debate in Congress and some recent data… more

How do you get more Latinos to vote? CA’s online voter registration

Latinos and Latinas under the age of 35 benefitted the most from California’s online voter registration during the 2012 election cycle, according to a new… more

Silicon Valley is thriving, not for Latinos and blacks

A recent article highlighted the fact that Latinos and African Americans are not benefitting as much from the Silicon Valley’s growing and high standard of… more

UrbanTxT inspires young Latinos to work in tech

Teenage boys, especially low-income ones, are often typecast as problematic regardless of race. Although the problems facing low-income young men are great, Oscar Menjivar and… more

Affordable ed in California with open source textbooks

Rising costs of tuition and textbooks are not unknown to college students and there’s historically been little in terms of relief for these rising costs… more

CA official policing mobile privacy

California Attorney General Kamala Harris sent out notices to 100 mobile apps without a conspicuous privacy policy on their websites to do so or face… more

CA’s online voter registration may help the Latino vote

California launched online voter register this year and the results have been pretty impressive: 1 million visitors to the site. Online registrants tended to be… more

Working to bring diversity to Silicon Valley

TechCrunch published an interesting interview with Laura Weidman Powers, one of the founders of CODE2040, a non-profit working to match: high performing black and latino… more

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