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PelotonU offers alternative to Starbucks’ online education

By Hudson Baird, Executive Director of PelotonU Popular opinion suggests the overwhelming priority for Latinos is immigration reform. Yet a study from the Pew Research… more

Microloan service Vittana helps students pay for school

A microloan program, Vittana, works to make financing education easier for students in less developed countries by allowing people in other parts of the world… more

Silicon Valley schools are failing Latinos

Latino students in environments built on tech and information growth are being failed by educational systems, creating a group of students who struggle with algebra… more

LanguageTwin uses tech to teach Spanish

Language teachers commonly say that you should listen to music or television shows in the language for the exposure, but the usefulness of that is… more

Latinos’ STEM bachelor degree numbers up, doctorates down

The National Science Foundation recently released a report titled, “Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 2013” with some interesting data about… more

Study: No such thing as the Latino vote, Latinos critical to economy

A recent data set released by the Pew Research Hispanic Center allows us to look at the dominance of the Mexican vote, the crawl to… more

Study: Latinos know English, don’t graduate college and rent

The Pew Hispanic Center recently released data on the Latino population in the U.S. The first of Más Wired’s look at the Pew Center’s massive… more

Latinos, immigrants, finish STEM at different rates

A study from the National Center for Educational Statistics recently looked at the educational attainment of Latino and Asian immigrants, and undergraduates who had immigrant… more

Affordable ed in California with open source textbooks

Rising costs of tuition and textbooks are not unknown to college students and there’s historically been little in terms of relief for these rising costs… more

UT Austin’s new admissions policy hurts Latinos

Only Texas seniors in the top 7% of their graduating class will be guaranteed admission to the University of Texas at Austin for the summer/fall… more

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