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Private online data for sale in Mexico

The Internet is a miner’s home, a paradise for valuable goods. And in Mexico, the big rush is for data — not coal or silver.… more

Mexico’s Internet use is soaring

Everybody in the U.S. seems to be wired to the Internet, so it’s often easy for people to forget that the rest of the world… more

Voter info wars: GOP teams up with Wal-Mart’s data specialist?

By Lois Beckett, ProPublica The Republicans have admitted it: They need to get serious about collecting and analyzing voter data. Well, you can’t get much… more

Study: Latinos continue to grow, Mexicans continue to dominate

A massive amount of data from the Pew Research Hispanic Center has been released for statistic junkies, dataphiles and anyone else to analyze. In this… more

Top tech trends of 2012 & what’s hot in 2013

The Washington Post recently profiled the top tech trends of 2012. The list read as you would expect, focusing on big data, wireless devices and… more

Somos Primos: online genealogy for Latinos

Somos Primos is a website with more than a decades’ worth of news and resources pertaining to Latino genealogy. The site started out as a… more

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