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I just won a hackathon, I’ve been coding 7 weeks

I just won my first hackathon on an all-woman team in Los Angeles at the TechWeekLA Hackathon. That was the crown jewel of my seventh… more

VIDEO: 5 Things to Know Before Learning to Code

I’m on week five of Sabio’s .Net developer training program and while I am beginning to understand a lot about the Internet — I still… more

Learning to Code: 6 Things you Need to Know

After two weeks of in-class prep, and months of pre-work, the start of my Sabio web developer training is this week. While I am nervous,… more

Latina learns to code: JQuery, JavaScript, SQL & frustration

If I’ve learned anything about coding the past few weeks it’s that you have to make some very real mental adjustments to the way you… more

8 things harder than learning to code

Recently I was chatting with someone about my experience learning to code and they asked me a point-blank question I think lots of us often… more

Sabio Coding for – the Lovers, the DREAMers, and You

By Catherine Mangan, DigitHaute Our *overzealous (please read: *endearing…) networking in the LA tech scene has recently spotlighted a small startup with full stack dreams… more

10 reasons why I’m learning to code

I’m going to become a web developer. Or learn to code, whichever euphemism you prefer, that’s what I’ll be doing as part of Sabio’s cohort… more

Sabio sets sights on creating Latino, women developers

What’s the best way to get more women and minorities great tech jobs? Train them yourself. So goes the logic of Sabio co-founders Liliana Monge… more

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