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BridgeUS: access affordable immigration lawyers online

What do DREAMers and other immigrants need the most when it comes to pursuing legal status? How about a one stop destination? In 2012, Más… more

Steve Jobs’ widow launches DREAM Act advocacy org

Emerson Collective, a group chaired by Laurene Powell Jobs, and filmmaker Davis Guggenheim launched a new platform for undocumented youth to tell their stories Tuesday.… more

LexSpot’s deferred action app helps DREAMers

Now that one barrier has been lifted for potentially millions of DREAMers, who may now be eligible to apply for deferred action to gain temporary… more

Own The Dream tool helps Deferred Action applicants

A tool at the Own The Dream website helps applicants who may be eligible for deferred action figure out whether they are eligible, and if… more

To reach Latinos, Texas Dems turn to video

Houston, Texas — After receiving a whipping in the 2010 election, Texas Democrats faced a conundrum: how to bounce back, being in the minority both… more

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