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Digital media and puppets: the making of ‘Hey Vato’

Two cholo puppets talking about philosophy, their ex-girlfriends and the rims they are going to buy for their Geo Metro may not sound like forward… more

‘Chutes,’ a Latino sci-fi movie for everyone

By Violeta Reinaga I am both a teacher and a filmmaker.  All of my students are either Latino or African-American, and many of them dream… more

Recreating Chile’s anti-Pinochet fight online

Participant Media is using an online and social media campaign to promote its new film, “No,” about an ad campaign that contributed to the end… more

Comedienne’s web series bends gender

Jesenia Bailey is a comedienne who recently launched her own web series, "Becoming Ricardo." The series follows an actress playing a man in a successful TV series trying to protect her secret.

Latino filmmaker to make X-Men movie

When he was young, filmmaker Miguel Ferrer didn’t know that making movies was a career. Although at the time he was, writing, directing and editing… more

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