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Quippi: An international shopping solution for Mexican workers

For Mexican workers who send money home, there is always the issue of how to send their earnings home for family members who need them.… more

The TurboTax of immigration: Clearpath

Immigration can be a complicated, windy, and scary road for prospective citizens, filled with bureaucracy and paperwork that might not be in the same language… more

UpgradeUSA: rent to own a computer

Americans are practically required to have some sort of computer skills these days. It’s expected. However, for families with lower income, it can be hard… more

In CA, TX, immigration reform & tech both benefit Latinos

Immigration and tech may not seem to be intricately linked on the surface, but the current immigration reform debate in Congress and some recent data… more

Infographic: immigration reform’s paths to citizenship

The “Gang of 8” bipartisan group of Senators introduced immigration reform legislation last week that, after a time, would theoretically allow people without legal status… more

Study: Latinos continue to grow, Mexicans continue to dominate

A massive amount of data from the Pew Research Hispanic Center has been released for statistic junkies, dataphiles and anyone else to analyze. In this… more

Latinos, immigrants, finish STEM at different rates

A study from the National Center for Educational Statistics recently looked at the educational attainment of Latino and Asian immigrants, and undergraduates who had immigrant… more

Steve Jobs’ widow launches DREAM Act advocacy org

Emerson Collective, a group chaired by Laurene Powell Jobs, and filmmaker Davis Guggenheim launched a new platform for undocumented youth to tell their stories Tuesday.… more

What’s the role of immigrant entrepreneurs?

The Kauffman Foundation has released a new publication focusing on immigrant entrepreneurs in the United States. This study shows an interesting array of figures, which… more

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