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Could tech jobs combat narcos in Mexico?

Mexico could be an unparalleled global destination for technology workers, something that Austin-based IT solutions entrepreneur Anurag Kumar believes would change the country’s economic future.… more

BridgeUS: access affordable immigration lawyers online

What do DREAMers and other immigrants need the most when it comes to pursuing legal status? How about a one stop destination? In 2012, Más… more

Young immigrant builds 2 startups in Austin

Miguel Vázquez is 23 and has already founded two companies. The Mexican immigrant and his family came to Austin from Saltillo, Mexico in 2009 when… more

Can tweets predict election outcomes?

A study from Indiana University Bloomington seems to suggest that a candidate’s ability to be mentioned in social media may directly correlate with the politician’s… more

Quippi: An international shopping solution for Mexican workers

For Mexican workers who send money home, there is always the issue of how to send their earnings home for family members who need them.… more

The TurboTax of immigration: Clearpath

Immigration can be a complicated, windy, and scary road for prospective citizens, filled with bureaucracy and paperwork that might not be in the same language… more

The ACLU releases SB 1070 smartphone app

Apparently, there really is an app for everything. Working with OpenWatch Corporation, the ACLU has recently updated a bilingual app called “ACLU-AZ STOP SB 1070”,… more

In CA, TX, immigration reform & tech both benefit Latinos

Immigration and tech may not seem to be intricately linked on the surface, but the current immigration reform debate in Congress and some recent data… more

Billions proposed for new border security

By Christie Thompson, ProPublica Federal spending on border security is at an all-time high—and it would get even higher under the Gang of Eight’s new… more

Infographic: immigration reform’s paths to citizenship

The “Gang of 8” bipartisan group of Senators introduced immigration reform legislation last week that, after a time, would theoretically allow people without legal status… more

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