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Mexico’s Internet use is soaring

Everybody in the U.S. seems to be wired to the Internet, so it’s often easy for people to forget that the rest of the world… more

UpgradeUSA: rent to own a computer

Americans are practically required to have some sort of computer skills these days. It’s expected. However, for families with lower income, it can be hard… more

Where do Democrats, Republicans stand on the Internet?

Where do the major political parties stand on major Internet-related policy issues? Good question, most recently answered by Clarissa Ramon from Public Knowledge. She wrote… more

Cell data caps may negatively impact Latinos

By Clarissa Ramon, Public Knowledge A recent  survey of adults who use their cell phones to access the Internet found that two in five Latinos… more

1/3 of Latino families have full Internet access

According to some really interesting data tables from the U.S. Census Bureau about computer and Internet use (2010), just 34% of Hispanic households have access… more

Broadband ‘fundamental’ to civil rights

An interesting piece in Politic365 this week highlights a discussion at the “Job Creation and Education: Programmatic Efforts to Increase Broadband Adoption in African American… more

Half of U.S. adults use mobile to go online

A study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, “Cell Internet Use 2012,” found that 55% of U.S. adults use their cell… more

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