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For Latinos, cell phones are everything

A study put together by the Pew Internet Center examined how adult cell phone users are using their devices, and what activities they are used… more

Latino kids more likely to ask about online privacy

Up to 70% of teens from 12-17 years old seek out advice about online privacy, according to a study from the Pew Internet Center. They… more

East Coast Internet speeds are the fastest

The latest Akami State of the Internet report ranked states by their average Internet connection speed, which suggested that smaller states seem to do the… more

Latino broadband access limited in CA

A Public Policy Institute of California report examining the use of Internet tech by Californians includes some interesting data on Internet access among minorities, including… more

Mexico’s Internet use is soaring

Everybody in the U.S. seems to be wired to the Internet, so it’s often easy for people to forget that the rest of the world… more

Cheerios’ multi-racial commercial backlash: are you really shocked?

A cute, innocent commercial is making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. A white woman in a kitchen is asked by her biracial daughter… more

Study: Latinos get online via mobile and in English

A data set released by the Pew Center in March examines Latino Internet usage. The report, entitled “Closing the Digital Divide: Latinos and Technology Adoption,”… more

Online voter registration could be a boon for Latino voters

This post originally appeared in Latinopia. A question that burns on every politico’s mind these days is how to engage more Latinos in the electoral… more

Where are all the Latino bloggers?

This post is republished with permission from Latinopia.com. I live on the Internet, so, sometimes my perspective on things can be a bit warped. How… more

Using Google to track Mexican drug cartels

A paper published by academics at Harvard University shows that, using simple and publicly available information, it is possible to track and gather information about… more

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