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LA Startup The DIME is the Video Version of Craigslist

What if you could make your own commercial for the stuff you wanted to sell online? The DIME is an app created by Latinos that… more

Go Baller consolidates sports social media streams

Chris Dell is a sports journalist-turned-sports entrepreneur with his social sports app called Go Baller. We talked to him about his product, how he came… more

Evrybit is a mobile startup for breaking news

What if you could get video, tweets, photos and news stories about a breaking event all in one place? Eric Ortiz, a Los Angeles native… more

Carlos Guerra Scholarship awarded to 8 students

The Carlos Guerra Memorial Scholarship at Texas A&M University – Kingsville was awarded to 8 students this year, each in the amount of $500. Guerra… more

Latinos rely on TV for news, lean toward English

A Pew Hispanic Center report on news media consumption suggests that Latinos are gravitating more toward English and bilingual news, and that they are also… more

How Twitter, social media impacts Mexico’s drug war

Austin, Texas — Twitter, but increasingly Facebook and YouTube, are becoming essential elements to the way ordinary people in Mexico protect themselves from the war… more

How tech reporting stays controlled by white men

A great post by Jamelle Bouie gives a very detailed explanation of how tech writing works, how people break into the business, and how all… more

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