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wind2share: a startup taking Miami’s tech scene by storm

Miami is quickly becoming a hot technology hub for new startups and entrepreneurs. A recent Forbes article discussed Miami’s potential for becoming the next Silicon… more

Interesante helps you discover more about your interests

Imagine arriving at your hotel in Cancún, México, logging on to their Wi-Fi and immediately having the hotel’s landing page pop up with personalized recommendations… more

Tu Visión Canal is video for Latinos, by Latinos

At South by Southwest this year we ran into Ulysses Alvarado, founder of Tu Visión Canal, a video platform for Latinos. He described TVC as… more

In Latin America mobile is political, social & visual

Emerging nations in Latin America rely on cell phones for a variety of purposes beyond text and voice calls, especially photos and videos, and social… more

Microloan service Vittana helps students pay for school

A microloan program, Vittana, works to make financing education easier for students in less developed countries by allowing people in other parts of the world… more

Mexico’s Internet use is soaring

Everybody in the U.S. seems to be wired to the Internet, so it’s often easy for people to forget that the rest of the world… more

Do video games promote racism? A look at “World of Tanks”

Games are notorious for breeding racism. Not so much through in-game content, but through the charming player base. This is commonly looked down upon by… more

Comenta TV bridges gap between TV and social media

Austin, Texas — Comenta TV is a startup from Argentina that is working to streamline the full circle between people who watch content on TV… more

10 up-and-coming Latin American startups

The Next Web had a really interesting list of top Latin American startups to watch in 2013. They created the list not based on monetary… more

Latin American startups on the rise in Silicon Valley

Slate wrote an interesting piece recently talking about how the immigrant makeup of Silicon Valley startups has begun to change. Specifically, that this change now… more

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