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Central Texas Latino Entrepreneur Meet & Greet in San Marcos

We’re excited to be sponsoring a Latino and Latina meet and greet in San Marcos — smack dab in between San Antonio and Austin —… more

How do you push Latinas to be tech entrepreneurs?

Just 1.5% of computing occupations in the country are filled by Latinas, a startling Bureau of Labor Statistics number that illustrates the importance of pushing… more

One Latina’s quest to get Latinos into STEM

Jean Rockford Aguilar-Valdez is a doctoral student studying equity in science education and a former science teacher. She’s been doing research at a high school… more

Comedienne’s web series bends gender

Jesenia Bailey is a comedienne who recently launched her own web series, "Becoming Ricardo." The series follows an actress playing a man in a successful TV series trying to protect her secret.

Latina CompSci prof shares her POV

Steminist did a great profile on California State University, Los Angeles Professor Claudia Espinosa-Villegas. Professor Espinosa-Villegas works as a lecturer in the College of Engineering,… more

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