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4 Qs with Tiffany Vazquez from Giphy

We had the great opportunity to meet Tiffany Vazquez from Giphy at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas this year. She spoke briefly… more

Help create more Latina engineers, fund DIY Girls Summer Camp

DIY Girls is working to bring more Latinas to STEM careers, and they need your help. The non-profit organization is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign:… more

Latina learns to code: JQuery, JavaScript, SQL & frustration

If I’ve learned anything about coding the past few weeks it’s that you have to make some very real mental adjustments to the way you… more

8 things harder than learning to code

Recently I was chatting with someone about my experience learning to code and they asked me a point-blank question I think lots of us often… more

Girls Inc. of San Antonio promotes coding for Latina girls

Girls Inc. of San Antonio is a non-profit with the aim to: “Inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.” We spoke with Amber… more

Latina learns to code: HTML5, CSS & JavaScript

I’ve been dreaming in JavaScript for the past few weeks. Part of my training with Sabio includes “pre-work” by taking online classes in HTML, CSS… more

Vote for Latino & Latina panels at SXSW

It’s that time of year again — getting ready for South by Southwest next year! The way panels are selected for the festival is they… more

Latina Startup Tour Kicks off in August

If you’re a Latina and an entrepreneur, then you need to be a part of Latina Startup Tour. This is the vision behind the latest… more

Manos Accelerator selects another 7 Latino startups

Manos Accelerator has selected its next batch of Latino startups, and they are listed below. As you recall, Manos partners with Google for Entrepreneurs, and… more

Latina makes fashionable wearables with Zazzi

Judy Tomlinson is back with the new, and improved, line of wearable technology made especially for women who want to be fashionable, but still connected.… more

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