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Watch movies in your language with myLINGO

Olenka and Adam Polak grew up in a Polish-speaking household in Greenwich, Connecticut didn’t set out to be entrepreneurs. But an unpleasant moviegoing experience with… more

Central Texas Latino Entrepreneur Meet & Greet in San Marcos

We’re excited to be sponsoring a Latino and Latina meet and greet in San Marcos — smack dab in between San Antonio and Austin —… more

SpaceCadet is the Airbnb of Storage

Networking is awesome — we had a chance to meet Steven Quintanilla at our San Antonio meet and greet, and he told us about his… more

Latino, Latina entrepreneurs meet up in Austin

Más Wired is co-sponsoring a Latino entrepreneur meet and greet in Austin, Texas on Thursday, May 29 and we’re very excited! We invite you, or… more

Interesante helps you discover more about your interests

Imagine arriving at your hotel in Cancún, México, logging on to their Wi-Fi and immediately having the hotel’s landing page pop up with personalized recommendations… more

Infographic: smartphone use by race

The U.S. Census Bureau released data about smartphone and Internet usage. The agency created an infographic to illustrate the most pertinent findings, you can see… more

SwivetZone YouTube series promotes STEM for minorities, women

Pink Castle Pictures and the International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) have come together to produce a new web series aimed at getting teenagers interested… more

In CA, TX, immigration reform & tech both benefit Latinos

Immigration and tech may not seem to be intricately linked on the surface, but the current immigration reform debate in Congress and some recent data… more

Racism, homophobia, mapped on Twitter

Racism and homophobia on Twitter are concentrated pretty much all over the United States, according to a new mapping project that tracked racist tweets against… more

Latinos, immigrants, finish STEM at different rates

A study from the National Center for Educational Statistics recently looked at the educational attainment of Latino and Asian immigrants, and undergraduates who had immigrant… more

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