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The Definitive Guide to Selecting a Legitimate Coding Bootcamp

Our friends at Sabio.la have put together a comprehensive list of questions and issues to consider before joining any web developer program, code school or… more

What Do You Do After Your Coding Bootcamp?

By Gregorio Rojas, Co-Founder Sabio.la What does one do when they finish up their 12 weeks of intense training? Below I have some highlights of… more

40 interviews, 4 months and 2 job offers to becoming a software developer

I am a software developer. For the past few weeks I have been saying that aloud to people, in awe of the fact that it’s… more

Operation Code wants veterans to work in tech

Operation Code is a Portland, Oregon-based organization working to enable more veterans to learn to code and work in the tech industry. The organization is… more

Learning to code made me a better person

Of the many, many things that I’ve learned during my time as a Sabio Fellow, the one that stands out the most to me is… more

I just won a hackathon, I’ve been coding 7 weeks

I just won my first hackathon on an all-woman team in Los Angeles at the TechWeekLA Hackathon. That was the crown jewel of my seventh… more

VIDEO: 5 Things to Know Before Learning to Code

I’m on week five of Sabio’s .Net developer training program and while I am beginning to understand a lot about the Internet — I still… more

That Awesome Moment When the Internet Starts to Make Sense

The Internet is finally starting to make sense — and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m now four weeks into Sabio’s developer training program and… more

Learning to Code: 6 Things you Need to Know

After two weeks of in-class prep, and months of pre-work, the start of my Sabio web developer training is this week. While I am nervous,… more

Latina learns to code: JQuery, JavaScript, SQL & frustration

If I’ve learned anything about coding the past few weeks it’s that you have to make some very real mental adjustments to the way you… more

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