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Young immigrant builds 2 startups in Austin

Miguel Vázquez is 23 and has already founded two companies. The Mexican immigrant and his family came to Austin from Saltillo, Mexico in 2009 when… more

Facebook’s user base on the decline?

Facebook’s growth seems to grinding to a halt in current markets, according to recent reports. Its popularity with teenagers is on the decline, and Facebook’s… more

Latinos rely on TV for news, lean toward English

A Pew Hispanic Center report on news media consumption suggests that Latinos are gravitating more toward English and bilingual news, and that they are also… more

Map tracks attacks on journalists, bloggers in Mexico

Freedom House and the International Center for Journalists (ICJ) is launching a digital and interactive map to track the attacks on journalists and bloggers in… more

The AP dropped the ‘I’ word because of politics, not compassion

By Eduardo Stanley, www.eduardostanley.com FRESNO, California — On April 2, 2013, the Associated Press (AP), perhaps the biggest news agency in the world, announced it… more

Study: How to find a racist on Twitter

A study from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR) in the United Kingdom titled, “Who Matters Online: Measuring influence, … more

How Twitter, social media impacts Mexico’s drug war

Austin, Texas — Twitter, but increasingly Facebook and YouTube, are becoming essential elements to the way ordinary people in Mexico protect themselves from the war… more

Más Wired’s database of Latino academics, experts

As part of our ongoing goal to make the web more accessible to Latinos everywhere, we have begun to compile a list of Latino academics… more

How tech reporting stays controlled by white men

A great post by Jamelle Bouie gives a very detailed explanation of how tech writing works, how people break into the business, and how all… more

5 DIY digital video tips

By Anthony Gutierrez, Cadre Media There are some video projects you’ll always want to entrust to a professional like (shameless plug) Cadre Media. But filmmaking… more

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