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HUB101: startup accelerator for diversity

A new startup accelerator in the Los Angeles metropolitan area is looking for creative people who aren’t “fresh out of college and eating ramen”. HUB101… more

6 reasons to donate to DIY Girls

DIY Girls is a non-profit aimed at helping girls become excited about engineering before they hit junior high and encourage them to become engineers and… more

3 reasons I didn’t think I was smart enough to work in tech

When people ask me what I do for a living, I reply simply: I work at at tech company. It’s funny to say because if… more

Latino broadband access limited in CA

A Public Policy Institute of California report examining the use of Internet tech by Californians includes some interesting data on Internet access among minorities, including… more

SwivetZone YouTube series promotes STEM for minorities, women

Pink Castle Pictures and the International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) have come together to produce a new web series aimed at getting teenagers interested… more

Sabio aims to train Latinos, women as tech workers

Sabio is an organization that aims to help unemployed women and minorities become tech workers through an intensive boot camp and targeted networking with tech… more

Latinos’ STEM bachelor degree numbers up, doctorates down

The National Science Foundation recently released a report titled, “Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 2013” with some interesting data about… more

How tech reporting stays controlled by white men

A great post by Jamelle Bouie gives a very detailed explanation of how tech writing works, how people break into the business, and how all… more

Working to bring diversity to Silicon Valley

TechCrunch published an interesting interview with Laura Weidman Powers, one of the founders of CODE2040, a non-profit working to match: high performing black and latino… more

Texas’ prosperity depends on success of Latino students

By Dr. Roberto R. Calderón, Associate Professor of History at the University of North Texas Texas’s future Latino majority is already reflected in its known… more

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