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Textter is a real-time texting app from Miami

Carlos Cueto created Textter after watching his two teenaged daughters texting. They text constantly, he said, and so are constantly frustrated by having to wait… more

Go Baller consolidates sports social media streams

Chris Dell is a sports journalist-turned-sports entrepreneur with his social sports app called Go Baller. We talked to him about his product, how he came… more

Mexican entrepreneur’s BioVideo combines babies, tech

Carlos Villaseñor is a man with a vision. And when it comes to BioVideo — the company he founded in Monterrey, Mexico and then subsequently… more

Nowistar opens services to the sharing economy

Finding a local place that provides specific services can be a chore. You can try browsing the classified ads of a newspaper, or search Craigslist.… more

Evrybit is a mobile startup for breaking news

What if you could get video, tweets, photos and news stories about a breaking event all in one place? Eric Ortiz, a Los Angeles native… more

Tu Visión Canal is video for Latinos, by Latinos

At South by Southwest this year we ran into Ulysses Alvarado, founder of Tu Visión Canal, a video platform for Latinos. He described TVC as… more

Infographic: smartphone use by race

The U.S. Census Bureau released data about smartphone and Internet usage. The agency created an infographic to illustrate the most pertinent findings, you can see… more

In Latin America mobile is political, social & visual

Emerging nations in Latin America rely on cell phones for a variety of purposes beyond text and voice calls, especially photos and videos, and social… more

For Latinos, cell phones are everything

A study put together by the Pew Internet Center examined how adult cell phone users are using their devices, and what activities they are used… more

Latinos purchase iPhones, Androids, equally

The Pew Internet Center released new data regarding Americans and their ownership of smartphones. The full report can be read here. The data shows us… more

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