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Twitter, an integral tool to Brazil protests

Twitter has become a global protest staple. Along with the spread of Guy Fawkes masks, the service has become an all too common feature in… more

Infographic: immigration reform’s paths to citizenship

The “Gang of 8” bipartisan group of Senators introduced immigration reform legislation last week that, after a time, would theoretically allow people without legal status… more

Voter info wars: GOP teams up with Wal-Mart’s data specialist?

By Lois Beckett, ProPublica The Republicans have admitted it: They need to get serious about collecting and analyzing voter data. Well, you can’t get much… more

How do you get more Latinos to vote? CA’s online voter registration

Latinos and Latinas under the age of 35 benefitted the most from California’s online voter registration during the 2012 election cycle, according to a new… more

Online voter registration could be a boon for Latino voters

This post originally appeared in Latinopia. A question that burns on every politico’s mind these days is how to engage more Latinos in the electoral… more

Study: No such thing as the Latino vote, Latinos critical to economy

A recent data set released by the Pew Research Hispanic Center allows us to look at the dominance of the Mexican vote, the crawl to… more

5 DIY digital video tips

By Anthony Gutierrez, Cadre Media There are some video projects you’ll always want to entrust to a professional like (shameless plug) Cadre Media. But filmmaking… more

Rutgers University launches digital Latino think-tank

Rutgers University in New Jersey launched a think-tank dedicated to producing research around social, political and economic issues affecting the Latino community. The Latino Information… more

The real winner of the presidential Election: social media

By Gretel A. Perera, Q Communications Group As the Presidential elections come to a close, many of us are giving a sigh of relief. Now… more

What does the election mean for the Internet?

Public Knowledge wrote an interesting post about what the election means for the future of the Internet. Specifically, the post looked at issues likely to… more

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