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Maps of Twitter use highlight urban, rural poverty

The folks at Twitter recently updated their Andes height map for Twitter  — adding two additional 3D city maps (Buenos Aires and Moscow) which rise… more

Latino poverty has grown since the 1980s, interactive map shows

The Urban Institute, a non-partisan think tank has published a new interactive map that shows poverty density in the U.S., as well as the race… more

UpgradeUSA: rent to own a computer

Americans are practically required to have some sort of computer skills these days. It’s expected. However, for families with lower income, it can be hard… more

Study: No such thing as the Latino vote, Latinos critical to economy

A recent data set released by the Pew Research Hispanic Center allows us to look at the dominance of the Mexican vote, the crawl to… more

Study: Latinos know English, don’t graduate college and rent

The Pew Hispanic Center recently released data on the Latino population in the U.S. The first of Más Wired’s look at the Pew Center’s massive… more

Silicon Valley is thriving, not for Latinos and blacks

A recent article highlighted the fact that Latinos and African Americans are not benefitting as much from the Silicon Valley’s growing and high standard of… more

Latinos, blacks, take more time to graduate in STEM

Latinos and African Americans take more time to complete their graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and math fields, according to a new study from… more

Latinos don’t donate to presidential campaigns

Less than 4% of itemized contributions — those above $200 — to the presidential campaigns came from Latino neighborhoods, according to an analysis by the… more

Help Mexico’s top math student continue her education

You may recall the story of Paloma Noyola Martínez. She’s the 11 year-old who is the  top math student in Mexico, according to the national… more

Mexico’s top math student lives in a trash dump

Eleven year-old Paloma Noyola Martínez is the top math student in Mexico, according to the national Enlace test, and the kicker is that she lives… more

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