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Textter is a real-time texting app from Miami

Carlos Cueto created Textter after watching his two teenaged daughters texting. They text constantly, he said, and so are constantly frustrated by having to wait… more

Latino kids more likely to ask about online privacy

Up to 70% of teens from 12-17 years old seek out advice about online privacy, according to a study from the Pew Internet Center. They… more

Facebook’s user base on the decline?

Facebook’s growth seems to grinding to a halt in current markets, according to recent reports. Its popularity with teenagers is on the decline, and Facebook’s… more

Private online data for sale in Mexico

The Internet is a miner’s home, a paradise for valuable goods. And in Mexico, the big rush is for data — not coal or silver.… more

What does the election mean for the Internet?

Public Knowledge wrote an interesting post about what the election means for the future of the Internet. Specifically, the post looked at issues likely to… more

How companies assembled political profiles for millions of Internet users

By Lois Beckett, ProPublica If you’re a registered voter and surf the web, one of the sites you visit has almost certainly placed a tiny… more

CA official policing mobile privacy

California Attorney General Kamala Harris sent out notices to 100 mobile apps without a conspicuous privacy policy on their websites to do so or face… more

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