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SwivetZone YouTube series promotes STEM for minorities, women

Pink Castle Pictures and the International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) have come together to produce a new web series aimed at getting teenagers interested… more

Latino, black boys score lowest on math, science tests

A new study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly found that Latino and African American males scored the lowest on 10th grade math and science… more

Science profs think women aren’t as smart as men

Ever wonder where all the women in science and tech are? According to one study, one reason there are such low numbers of women in… more

STEM majors profitable for Latino students

A study in Research in Higher Education found that, “majoring in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) proves to be the most profitable for minority… more

Profile of Luz Rivas, engineering educator

There was a really cool profile of a Latina engineer in STEMinist this week, Luz Rivas currently works as an engineering educator at Iridescent. She… more

Even girls who like STEM aren’t likely to pursue it

The Department of Commerce released a study that shows that, even if women pursue STEM fields, they are more likely to change majors and not… more

How to get Latinos into STEM

Parents can take steps at home to encourage their children to enter STEM fields.

Latinos should revolutionize STEM

Latinos should seize upon this field to bring all the economic, social, and intellectual power that the field of STEM affords to their communities.

Higgs boson: the need for STEM in the US

Charles Ellison wrote a great piece for Politic365 about how the Higgs boson discovery recently highlighted the importance for greater STEM emphasis in the U.S.… more

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