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wind2share: a startup taking Miami’s tech scene by storm

Miami is quickly becoming a hot technology hub for new startups and entrepreneurs. A recent Forbes article discussed Miami’s potential for becoming the next Silicon… more

What would Cesar Chavez tweet?

If historic United Farm Workers of America organizer César Chávez had access to Twitter and other online organizing platforms, what would he have tweeted? “Sí… more

Can tweets predict election outcomes?

A study from Indiana University Bloomington seems to suggest that a candidate’s ability to be mentioned in social media may directly correlate with the politician’s… more

How one Latina is taking over Vine

Maya Murillo is a blogger and musician in Arizona who has taken to social media, 6-second video social network Vine in particular, and nurtured an… more

Facebook’s user base on the decline?

Facebook’s growth seems to grinding to a halt in current markets, according to recent reports. Its popularity with teenagers is on the decline, and Facebook’s… more

Latinos rely on TV for news, lean toward English

A Pew Hispanic Center report on news media consumption suggests that Latinos are gravitating more toward English and bilingual news, and that they are also… more

Twitter, an integral tool to Brazil protests

Twitter has become a global protest staple. Along with the spread of Guy Fawkes masks, the service has become an all too common feature in… more

Racism, homophobia, mapped on Twitter

Racism and homophobia on Twitter are concentrated pretty much all over the United States, according to a new mapping project that tracked racist tweets against… more

Study: How to find a racist on Twitter

A study from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR) in the United Kingdom titled, “Who Matters Online: Measuring influence, … more

Study: Latinos get online via mobile and in English

A data set released by the Pew Center in March examines Latino Internet usage. The report, entitled “Closing the Digital Divide: Latinos and Technology Adoption,”… more

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