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Latinas can lead the way in tech innovation

Latina girls have the potential to make a huge dent in tech innovation, and their biggest obstacle often tends to be Internet access. A panel… more

What’s keeping black women out of tech?

Money, tech and mentors. These, according to panelists on Saturday’s “Black Women in Tech: Uncovering Barriers to Entry” panel at South by Southwest, are the… more

25 Latinas who work in the tech industry

You don’t usually think of Latinas and technology in the same breath. That’s unfortunate, but fortunately for us Latina magazine put together a list of… more

Steve Jobs’ widow launches DREAM Act advocacy org

Emerson Collective, a group chaired by Laurene Powell Jobs, and filmmaker Davis Guggenheim launched a new platform for undocumented youth to tell their stories Tuesday.… more

Race and the tech industry’s immigration reform motives

Comprehensive immigration reform was one of the goals of the Obama administration during the campaign, but the tech world is also strongly interested in seeing… more

New Year’s Resolution: Learn to Code

By Lena Groeger, ProPublica A year ago I didn’t know how to code. I had a journalism degree and had made some graphics, but I… more

STEM majors profitable for Latino students

A study in Research in Higher Education found that, “majoring in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) proves to be the most profitable for minority… more

How kids are influenced by technology

A great graphic from LearnStuff shows how integrated technology is into the lives of young folks. Although only 11% of kids aged 2-5 can tie… more

Latino mentors help Latino kids into STEM

A new study found that mentors of a similar background can help usher young people into STEM. The study, “Individual differences in preferences for matched-ethnic… more

Tech in Texas tries to recruit more women, minorities

Where are all the women in tech? It’s a simple question with a complicated answer. A recent report tried to answer the question, especially given… more

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