Tu Visión Canal is video for Latinos, by Latinos

Tu Canal Visión is betting that Latinos want a more interactive experience with digital video than YouTube could offer.

Sara Inés Calderón | March 10, 2014 | 11:43 am

At South by Southwest this year we ran into Ulysses Alvarado, founder of Tu Visión Canal, a video platform for Latinos. He described TVC as a social video sharing site and mobile app embracing Latino culture, allowing users to interact in a two-way video portal.

Users can create their own video channels, upload to community channels, vote in video contests, as well as watch entertaining digital content. We asked Alvarado a few questions about his new company and why he thinks he can tae on YouTube.

MW: Why is TVC different than YouTube?

UA: TVC is an acculturated site and built from a Latino point of view: for Latinos by Latinos. It gives the user the opportunity to upload videos to their favorite channel to share their experience, and vote on national contests that can change a person’s life. TVC gives all types of Spanish artists the opportunity to get

global exposure where through a section called “Promuévete” and not get lost in general market sites.

MW: What’s the difference between a Latino video consumer and a non-Latino?

UA: The Latino video consumption overindexes non-Latinos by close to 50 minutes (compared to whites and African Americans) with overall consumption growing over 200% in less than five years.

MW: What are your plans going forward?

UA: We want to continue developing the site based on the needs of the community,

MW: How can people access TVC or participate?

UA: Register, create your own channel, participate in our national contests and vote. We invite everyone to see all to go through the site and discover the user-friendly design for all generations and give us feedback on additional features they would like to see. We encourage people to become content providers.

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